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Get Gain Reduction Deluxe, the signature vocal compressor plugin that takes you from raw to mixed vocals with little to no effort. Spend less time tweaking and more time mixing!

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Gain Reduction Deluxe Plugin Features

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Gain Reduction Deluxe Plugin Interface On Input Modes Slay Gain Body LoFi Mix
Gain Reduction Deluxe Input Control Gain Reduction Deluxe Body Control Gain Reduction Deluxe Slay Control Gain Reduction Deluxe On Control Gain Reduction Deluxe Mix Control Gain Reduction Deluxe Meter Control Gain Reduction Deluxe Lofi Control Gain Reduction Deluxe Gain Control

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  • ON - Turn your plugin on and off
  • INPUT - Calibrate the amount of gain hitting the internally fixed threshold.
  • METER MODES - Toggle between input, output, and GR metering
  • SLAY - Adjust the amount of compression you apply. The preset threshold and low frequency sidechain allow you to really push the compression levels.
  • BODY - Fine tune the post compression frequency tilt to restore, or dial back the low end
  • GAIN - Set your makeup gain lower for crystal clear dynamic processing, or higher to engage the built in output saturator.
  • LOFI - Apply for a smooth, compressed, lofi sound.
  • MIX - Blend the processed signal with the original audio for parallel compression.

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What Do Professional's Think of Gain Reduction Deluxe
"Thanks, Joey Sturgis. You just tripled my workload because now I have to make sure my clients sound three times as great! Seriously, there should be a huge buzz about this! GRD gives the vocal track an authenticity like never before. It sounds as good prolly better than the real deal. What could be better than better? This is def a game changer that I will be talking up for a while." Melissa Cross The Zen of Screaming
"What I like about this plugin is that you can easily go overboard, so it's absolutely all you'll need for compression. The body feature is calibrated just right to fatten up the vocals without making them sound muffled or boxy. The plugin's ease of use takes out the technicality and allows you to be quick, creative and to get on with your mixing." Andrew Wade A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, Motionless In White
"Compressing in the computer can often be characterless or like a genetically modified tomato. Something isn't quite right but it's almost there. Gain reduction gives me the character I am used to in analog devices along with every control I would like in the digital world. Everytime I mix I seem to use it more and more." Jesse Cannon Animal Collective, The Misfits, Man Overboard, Transit, The Menzingers

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What Users Say About Joey Sturgis Gain Reduction Deluxe

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Joey Sturgis, Creator of Gain Reduction Deluxe
Joey Sturgis, Producer

Award-winning producer, recording/mixing engineer, programmer, writer, performer & software developer Joey Sturgis has forged a revolutionary new wave of American metal since his appearance on the scene in 2007. Working with The Devil Wears Prada, I See Stars , We Come As Romans, Attack! Attack!, Of Mice & Men, Attila, Blessthefall, and many more, Joey has produced a decorated string of albums that have pushed modern metal in groundbreaking directions, including an RIAA Certified Gold Single with Asking Alexandria. With less than a decade of credits under his belt, Joey has only begun to leave his mark on music and will be a monumental figure for decades to come.

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Gain Reduction Deluxe is compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX 32 and 64 bit
Available in VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats!